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Tippetts Creative Designs is a custom furniture company inspired by natures natural lines from trees. Jimmy Tippetts is the owner, creator, and builder of all the custom furniture designs. Growing up an outdoor enthusiast, hunting, fishing and camping, all of which had a huge impact on all present day designs. The love for creating and bringing designs to life through woodworking projects has always been a part of him. As a young adult he began acquiring tools for woodworking and a small wood shop was born. As the years passed, the outdoor activities began to really influence his artistic woodworking designs. Today most of the pieces he builds are  specialized in custom rustic furniture and displays. Everything from floor, table, or counter-top pedestals, wall plaques and signs, butcher blocks, and even custom hunting cabinets. What better way than  to display your weapon of choice or that trophy of a lifetime! If you would like any of the designs in the gallery or something custom built, please feel free to contact. 


Any of the designs can be customized by way of Laser technology or CNC machinery.

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